MLF20 is ready: the next May 15 and 16 we will celebrate our fifth anniversary in the venue that has welcomed us for the last editions, the Antiguo Aquapark of Calvià.

This year we had a record-breaking MLF19 with an extension up to 16,000 square meters for the 33,500 attendees past year who enjoyed almost 50 acts in four stages and the new restoration and chill-out area. For the next Mallorca Live we will continue improving the stages, expanding the The Town area dedicated to gastronomy, market and experiences and increasing the space for bars, and continue promoting sustainability with selective waste collection, reusable cups, compostable utilities, efficient energy consumption and collective transport.

Tickets for MLF20 will go on sale next July 22 through our website and See Tickets. If you have already come to any of the previous editions of Mallorca Live you will receive an email in the upcoming days with a special price of €50 + fees to purchase the tickets.

See you at MLF20.