Alizzz better have his hands insured at least for the next decade as he has become the most wanted producer for the present one: his signature is under the hits of C. Tangana, Dellafuente or Maikel Delacalle, has won the likes of artists like Diplo and Becky G and has released the viral tracks Tu Cama and Ya te avisé from his own label Whoa Music. 

Cristian Quirante is known for pushing the boundaries of pop music and blending it into a very singular mixture alongside R&B, trap, afrobeat or club music. The result is a sonic palette that hits the charts as some of the most innovative sounds of today’s music. Could you picture a party without Mala Mujer or his remix for Autoestima? Us neither, and that is why we can’t miss Alizzz at Mallorca Live.