The enormous talent of Daniel Martínez de la Ossa Romero, Delaossa (Málaga, 1993) was an open secret for the national hip hop scene. Only two years has taken for this young rapper of the Space Hammu collective to go from young promise to outstanding reality for the urban music in Spanish. His weapons are a great self-confidence for rhymes only at the reach for a select few, cheekly flow and lyrics that scratches your guts and your soul. He makes contemporary urban poetry leaning on the hypnotic rhythms that J.Moods manufactures, setting the beat as raw as a carpaccio.

Andalusian rap with class consciousness, inspired and stimulating, songs that get deep inside from the first listening. Tracks to transcend the neighborhood and travel far away: Delaossa already has millions of views and plays on digital platforms and fills venues with hundreds of people in Buenos Aires or Medellin. Hip hop in capital letters with Guarantee of Origin El Palo, Málaga.