Dj Coco is one of those artists from the independent music scene, capable of putting together different people from different generations in the same club. His sessions combine various hits from several music genres such as indie, house, hip hop or disco and  make the perfect place for headliners and new bands.  His more than 24 years playing in the biggest festivals, clubs in Spain, and his own sessions of course, make him one of the greatest djs in the independent scene.

He started 1994 when Nitsa Club opened its doors in Barcelona, and the road has taken him to Paris (La Machine du Mouline Rouge), Stockholm (Debaser), Madrid (Ochoymedio Club), San Sebastián (Dabadaba), Murcia (REM), Castellón (Menta) or Seville (Obbio), some of the places and venues where he usually deejays. His music selection that fits with all kind of audiences has also driven Dj Coco to Primavera Sound in Barcelona, ATP in London, FYF in Los Ángeles and Flow in Helsinki, amongst others..