Born as Robin Perkins in the North England hills, he is a producer best known as El Búho who finally found his true musical home among the forests of Latin America. His music combines Latin rhythms, myths and melodies with sounds of waterfalls, bird songs, cracking leaves and modern electronic music. The result of this mix is a melodic journey inside a deep dream worth experiencing with your earphones and in the dancefloor.

El Búho has been publishing his work with  with Wonderwheel Recordings, ZZK Records and Antartek, and has featured tracks with Nicola Cruz, Luzmila Carpio, Lucas Santanna, Chancha Vía Circuito, Mercedes Nasta, Lagartijeando, Matanza and Barrio Lindo. At the same time he is one of the co directors  for the world artists collective Shika Shika and has also released a nonprofit album named “Una guía para el canto de los pájaros de América del Sur” (meaning “A Guide for Bird Songs in South America”).