Álvaro Lafuente, known as Guitarricadelafuente, is a 21-year-old artist with Aragonese roots, airs of the Andalusian plazuelas and feet in the his land of birth. His music comes from the influences of his childhood in Cuevas De Cañart, where surrounded by musicians, he learned to love the truth of the sounds and to perceive them as something to transmit his feelings with. It is through those feelings when Guitarricadelafuente becomes strong. Behind his messy hair, his look and grin and a humble shyness, we find a unique singersongwriter and it is very difficult to say that after 50 years of pop music where everything seems already invented.

Guitarricadelafuente is an old soul, there is no other explanation to his own sensibility like the great artists in Spanish-speaking music. You can tell the light of Antonio Vega, the lyrics of the Latin American classics and youngsters, an unclassified energetic flash just brought in by himself alone. He recorded his first songs in his room with the Playstation microphone, and the production does not feel missed: guitar, voice and a naked soul is enough to fall immediately, and you will at the first listening.

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