Everything is not what it seems, and the young rapper, playwright and British poet Kate Tempest citing Wu-Tang Clan and Samuel Beckett as two of her main influences it is certainly not an act of hipsterism. She does not want to draw unnecessary attention, she is sincere and sustain those statements with facts. Having taken off from the Big Dada label – a subsidiary of Ninja Tune – and receiving in 2013 the Ted Hughes Award for her poetic innovations are two of them. 

Since she founded the hip hop group Sound Of Rum in 2010 and during the rest of her solo career, she has filled her texts and lyrics with urban characters, a street aroma and a hard interpretation of the hope like something that only appears in dreams. In June 2019 she published her latest and acclaimed sophomorph album “The Book Of Traps And Lessons”, after five years of work with her co-producers Rick Rubin and Dan Carey. Do we need to say something else so you don’t miss her live?