León Benavente are a sprain in the independent Spanish music scene. Born in 2012 out of the union some of the most renowned and veteran musicians in the country (Abraham Boba, Eduardo Baos, Luis Rodríguez and César Verdú), with the great reception of their first self-titled album and their sophomorph album, “2” in 2016, they have positioned themselves as one of the essential bands for the line-up of the main Spanish festivals and has led them to cross the ocean on numerous occasions to tour around Latin America.

They have just published their third album ‘Vamos a volvernos locos’, translated as Let’s Go Crazy, one of the most expected on the national scene for the year. The reception by the public and critic has been exceptional, becoming No. 1 on iTunes the day of its release. Music journalists agree that it is the best album of the band to date and we will be able to check it on the stage of Mallorca Live.