At a first glance, seen from the surface, it is is difficult to understand that musicians who have not reached their thirties are capable of recovering and making the progressive pop in spanish, their own.  The obsession of Íñigo Bregel (Santander, 1990), main composer of the band, for this forgotten sound has made Los Estanques reveal themselves as a rare-avis in the current musical scene, that is not so accustomed to the singularities of the melodies, the dynamics and the scheme changes.

Los Estanques were one of the great surprises of 2017 with two albums released that same year: ‘Contains Percal’ and ‘II’, in The John Colby Sect., one of the most interesting labels of the moment.  With an amazing musical production, they proved that they can navigate between influences such as CRAG or Solera and bands like Dirty Projectors, The Lemon Twigs or Vulfpeck. They refer to their style as being psychedelic progressive pop but in their songs there are also touches of jazz, folk and soul that will conquer anyone who sees them in Mallorca Live Festival