Flamenco singer Israel Fernández presents his latest album, Pura sangre, where he has composed each of the lyrics and melodies. It’s his most personal work, an introspective record in which Israel discovers his way of feeling and relating to his closest universe: family, gypsy culture, love, nature, human values ​​and his deepest self.

Pura Sangre is an allegation to the truth, the most vital expression of the artist, a work that reveals that maxim that says that purity is not the absence of contamination or mixture, but the legacy of cultural generations and musical frameworks that merge in a crucible where the certainty of those who interpret and build new languages ​​reigns, from the most absolute truth and under the umbrella of the root and knowledge.

With Diego del Morao on guitar, Ane Carrasco on percussion and keyboards, and Marcos Carpio and Pirulo on clapping.

This performance will open the concert cycle of the Principal and the autumn concert cycle of Mallorca Live – Mallorca Live Nights.