Juancho Marqués is one of the most influential names in Spanish hip-hop. The Sevillian MC based in Aranjuez (Madrid) began his career in 2009 and the following year he joined Suite Soprano, a benchmark band and exponent of the generational change within the scene. Since he went solo in 2016, he has continued to show that he has a unique style, daring to explore different sounds, including electronic music and pop.

During the past 10 years, he has collaborated with the most prominent names on the scene (Recycled J, Fernandocosta, Waor, etc) as well as with other bands and artists such as La M.O.D.A., Fuel Fandango or María José Llergo. A big name within the biggest festivals of the country, he has toured all over Spain on numerous occasions and his show is considered one of the most personal and heartfelt by his fans. Juancho Marqués will visit Mallorca Live Nights with his latest album, Paraíso 39 (2023).