Novedades Carminha are like a time capsule with the rock and punk guitars from the bands of the 70’s, the sarcastic and acid lyrics from La Movida (the Madrilenian and the Galician 80’s movement) and the influence of the emerging Spanish indie wave in the 2000s, altogether inside. That capsule was opened for the first time in 2009 with their debut album Te vas con cualquiera, and to all of those references we must throw in their ironic contemporary lyrics in almost every song: from the “although you like Los Planetas like all those boring old farts” to the “you travel to Berlin while crying for your hometown“.

The band’s name is a tribute to an antique lingerie store in Santiago de Compostela, but that  is the only old thing they are going to bring to Mallorca Live: at the festival they will perform  live their brand new album for which they have collaborated with the trap singer Dellafuente and the last Latin guilty pleasure Esteban & Manuel.