Like a very serious prank; or a funny serious business. Parquesvr make humour with a new form of sharp rock: punk rave, sarcastic protest song, afterpunk anthropology and extreme theater. This band from Leganés have managed to place themselves in an equidistant place between Cuchillo de Fuego, Orquesta Mondragón and The Birthday Party, with a sound like an Richard Cheese from the surroundings, a monologue by Lenny Bruce and an animal post-punk opera.

Their songs, always with the volume at 11/10, vindicate Lance Armstrong, speak of failed romances, criticise purists and those who cry every time a famous singer dies and leave especially acid political messages. As Rajoy said: the worse, the better for everyone. Better for Parquesvr his political benefit. Be a fan or don’t be, but do yourself a favor: don’t stop seeing them live and listening to Talego Quini.