In Mallorca Live Festival we are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda and to the promotion of Sustainable Cultural Tourism.

We are aware of the responsibility that all people have with society and in the fight against climate change and the protection of the environment. We understand this responsibility as a unique opportunity to be part of a global transformation that results in more responsible and sustainable development models.

That is why we have developed a Sustainability and Social Responsibility Strategy with the aim of covering the economic, social and environmental spheres. We have worked together with Ecoevent, specialists in management and sustainable production of events, with the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries and its Department of Environmental Education, Environmental Quality and Residues of the Balearic Islands and with the City Council of Calvià.

We want to avoid and minimize the potential negative impacts on the environment, and try to leave at the same time a positive legacy in the social, economic and cultural environment of our island.

The different lines of action that make up our Sustainability Strategy are:

Sustainable consumption

We incorporate to our catering service for staff and artists local products, seasonal, ethical, with potentially reusable and easily recyclable packaging.

We have worked hand in hand with the restaurateurs who will participate in our gastronomic zone to incorporate these environmental requirements and to have a complete gastronomic offer that includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Following the spirit of the Law 8/2019 of waste and contaminated soils of the Balearic Islands, we will avoid to the extent of our possibilities the use of straws, kitchenware and other single-use plastic containers throughout the festival site

Prevention and reduction of waste

In order to avoid the generation of waste, we will use reusable cups and install water dispensers in backstage areas for workers, thus avoiding the use of bottled water.

The reusable glasses will be purchased for only one euro and once the festival is over, it can be delivered inside the venue to donate it to an environmental cause of the Red Cross.

The butts are, today, the main pollutant of our seas and oceans. For this reason, and to avoid their abandonment during the two days of the festival, we will install methacrylate colillometers together with the Red Cross and Calvià 2000 to collect them.

In general, this year we are prioritizing the use of materials and reusable items. Thus, we will reuse rest furniture such as loungers and poufs for the Chill Out Zone, reusable glasses for the bars and different decoration elements from past editions of the festival.

Recycling waste

In order to facilitate the recycling of waste we have designed and implemented a system of selective collection at source of the different fractions of waste, a plan that is mandatory for all suppliers and workers involved in the festival.

Efficient energy consumption

In all the technical equipment of the festival we have prioritized the use of LED lighting with reduced power consumption. We will have a person in charge who will supervise the protocol of ignition and shutdown of equipment in bars, which will have independent electrical installations to leave off those that are not being used.

Water cycle: consumption and treatment

We work hand in hand with our chemical wc supplier to comply with the protocols and certificates of delivery of the festival wastewater to its corresponding Wastewater Treatment Plant and thus ensure its correct treatment.

We have also defined a data collection protocol to better understand the use of water within the festival and thus optimize resources to ensure an efficient and responsible consumption of this precious natural resource.

Sustainable mobility

We have developed in collaboration with the General Directorate of Mobility and Transport of the Balearic Government, the City Council of Calvià, and the collaborating companies BusUp and Transabus, a mobility plan to facilitate and promote journeys in public and collective transport.

In the section “Come by bus” we will give you information of interest so you can plan your trips to and from the festival site

And if you plan to attend a private vehicle, please share it because you already know that shared, you pollute less!

Carbon Footprint Study

In order to know our environmental impact we will collect general data of our activity. We will study the emissions of greenhouse gases derived from: travel and displacement, energy consumption, generation of solid urban waste and consumption of paper and other promotional materials.

Prevention of food waste

We will donate the surplus of non-perishable products from the catering service and dressing rooms to S.O.S Mamás Baleares, an association dedicated to the distribution of household goods, food and basic necessities among families in need.

Local and responsible hiring

Around 70% of the companies involved in the Festival are from Mallorca.

The hotel establishments in which the artists will stay belong to the Meliá Hotels International chain, which adheres to the Paris Climate Agreement and promotes a sustainable management model to ensure the protection of destinations and the fulfillment of its commitments. and environmental objectives.

Information and awareness

We take special interest in informing and raising awareness among all the people involved in the festival, we want to take advantage of our diffusion power to transmit messages that promote values and sustainable behaviors. We will also have Red Cross volunteers and environmental awareness workshops on the premises.


We are an inclusive festival committed to eliminating any type of architectural barrier so that all its attendees, regardless of their functional diversity, can enjoy to the fullest. We have platforms for people with reduced mobility in the main stages of the festival.

Calvià free of sexist aggressions

We have a protocol for action against sexist and sexual aggression in the festival in collaboration with the campaign No i Punt! of the Insular Council of Mallorca and the City Council of Calvià.

The objective is to guarantee a good coexistence so that everyone can enjoy the festival with freedom and security, ensuring a respectful and egalitarian coexistence.

In the event of a sexist or sexual assault, the victims will have the help of people involved in the organization and / or awareness agents. In addition to an information and dynamization space, you will have enabled a security space in case of high intensity aggression. You can find the location on the map of the site.

Growing in Sustainability

Much of our success depends on the collaboration of all the people involved in the Festival, whether they are workers, suppliers or the public. That is why we ask for the collaboration of all of them to be part of our challenge for sustainability.