In Mallorca Live Festival we have continued to grow year after year. In our third edition on May 11 and 12, 2018, we had 27,000 attendees on both days, of which 45.3% were tourist visitors. In total, we generated an economic impact of 3.6 million euros.

For each euro invested by public agents in the festival, the region obtained €13.1, that is, a return of 1,300% of public investment, and we achieved an impact of € 820,000 on the local economy. The indirect impact reached €2,820,598 thanks to the more than 21,600 overnight stays, the expenses of tourist visitors in restaurants, entertainment venues, tourist activities, internal transport, shops, etc. Therefore, the total impact of the event on the economy of the region was €3,641,450.

In addition, 1,041 jobs were generated in the MLF18, of which 729 were for workers residing in the region.

All these data are collected in the Impact Economic Mallorca Live Festival 2018 report that has made the Sound Diplomacy consultant during the last edition of the festival. The report and the impact of the festival have also reached the Iberian Festival Awards, the event that awards the best musical events in Spain and Portugal, where we are finalists in two categories: Best Touristic Promotion and Best Live Performance by the unforgettable performance of The Prodigy last year.

This year in Mallorca Live Festival 2019 we expect the increase of 35% of the public, and Sound Diplomacy believes that the direct and indirect impact of the festival will reach € 1,113,356 and € 3,581,190 respectively. We also foresee a growth in the number of jobs demanded of 38%, growing  to more than 1,400 workers.

Together with the MLF19 we will bring an improvement of infrastructures and services with the
expansion in five thousand square meters of the restoration, chill out and market area and the 40% increase in the area destined for the public of the second scenario. We will increase the number of bars, toilets and food stalls so that nothing prevents you from having an unforgettable experience in Mallorca Live. Tickets are available from €55 on our website. Get yours, sold out is coming!