Mallorca has always been a fertile land for hip hop, specially with groups that have reach their own tone far from the usual street narrative -after all, it is hard to be the bad guy when you live on an island like this one- and closer to the colorful funk than to melancholic pianos and martial rhythms. Trigga are the last example of a tradition that come directly from lineage: Don Manolo Pinchadiscos, DJ of the band, is also the man behind the plates of La Puta Opepé, parents of the hip hop local scene -and responsible for taking it to national level. 

Add to this that Miquel Bujosa aka Blackash, bassist and producer of the group’s bases, grew up listening to “Holidays in the Sea” (and J Dilla, of course) and the same could be said of MC Danielbum -although he comes from a totally different climate at the Basque Country -and the drummer Joan Cabot. All of them participated in the  aggrupation Los Cuñaos del Fonk, but Trigga wants to be something completely different: a live band that plays live hip hop songs with funk soul and rock punch. And that is what it is, nothing more and nothing less.