Mallorca Live Talent and the University of Balearic Islands have had a very close relation since the festival started. In 2017 urban artist Misterpiro’s great painted wall was the first collaboration between both our festival and the University, being placed at the Student Attention Unit by the Student Attention and Academic Administration Service, in front of the Campus Library. Past year and by the third edition of the festival, thanks to an agreement signed with UIB, two more walls were designed and painted by artists Joan Aguiló, Majorcan, and Irene López León, from Barcelona. They created a tribute to Mallorca, its people and its natural landscape respectively.

During the year 2019 we will also make a couple of new murals along with other activities for which you will have more information from the website

2019: Uriginal & Irene López León (Photo Credit: Andrés Iglesias)

2018: Irene López León & Joan Aguiló (Photo Credit: Andrés Iglesias)