I can’t find my email with my ticket, what do I do?
If you can’t find the email with your ticket attached or if you have a problem with your tickets, you should contact the ticket office where you bought your tickets.
See Tickets: contact form.
El Corte Inglés: via the email address venta_entradas@elcorteingles.es.

What happens if there is a problem with my ticket?
At the entrance to the venue there will be an incident desk to deal with any problems with your tickets.
We recommend that you bring your printed ticket with you to make sure you don’t have any problems. If there is a fault on your printed ticket, please go to the incident desk.

Do I have to print my ticket? Can I bring my ticket in digital format?
We will have readers available for Passbook or PDF format tickets from your mobile phone. However, we advise you to bring your printed ticket with you in case of any incident.

What happens if I lose my ticket?
The festival organisers cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen tickets. If you lose your ticket, you should go to the incident desk, where they will try to help you, as long as you are the buyer of the ticket and you present your ID card.

Are the tickets nominative?
General admission tickets are bearer tickets. Only tickets with special prices are nominative and you will need to prove the category of your special price ticket.

Can someone else use my season ticket even if I put my name on the ticket?
No. Each general admission ticket has its own identifier code and all tickets will be read electronically. Once the code has been validated, entry with the same code will not be allowed. The organisation does not guarantee in any case the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been purchased at the official points of sale. Resale is not permitted under any circumstances.

Can I change my ticket?
You can only upgrade your ticket to the VIP version. It is not possible to make any other changes. For more information please see our General Ticket Conditions.

Can I return my ticket?
In our General Ticket Conditions you will find all the information.

What happens if I buy my ticket from a private person or an unofficial or secondary sales website and it is a fake?
The resale of any ticket is not permitted. The organisation does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been purchased through official channels, as it may have been damaged, forged or photocopied. Any amended, torn or suspected counterfeit ticket will entitle the organiser to deprive the bearer of access.

Admission is dependent on having a complete ticket in good condition. All tickets have different security systems.

Where can I buy full pass tickets?
Through our official sales channels. You can find them here.

Will I be able to buy single day tickets?
Yes, and they are already on sale through our official sales channels. You can buy them here.


What do I need when I arrive at the venue?
It is best to bring your printed ticket with you. We will also have digital ticket readers such as Passbook but, as technology can fail, to make sure you don’t have any problems we advise you to bring your printed ticket with you. You will also need your ID card. If you have any problems with your ticket, please take it to the incident desk.

Where can I validate my ticket and from when?
We will soon announce the validation points available to get your wristband.

When and where does it take place?
The Mallorca Live festival will be held on 18, 19 and 20 May 2023 at the Antiguo Aquapark in Calvià.

How to get to the festival?
You can check it out on our How to get there page.

Is it possible to get in and out of the festival?
Yes, that’s why it’s very important that you keep your wristband and ticket at all times.

Is there parking to go to the festival by car?
We will soon confirm the recommended parking spaces on our How to get there page.


Can children enter the festival?

Yes, under 18 can enter the festival. Please read the access conditions carefully:


At Mallorca Live Festival, children under 11 years of age (included) will have free access to the festival and must purchase a ticket at a cost of €0. From 12 years old (this age inclusive) and up to 16 years old, they must purchase a general admission ticket and be accompanied by their father, mother, legal guardian or a person responsible for them.


Those over 16 years of age, in addition to purchasing a ticket, will be free to enter the venue. The person responsible for the minor must sign and hand over a document of exoneration of responsibility on behalf of the Festival, which will be provided at the entrance of the venue or in the link below.


During their stay at the venue, parents or legal guardians will be responsible for any action carried out by the minor. In order for this to be possible, the following documentation must be presented at the entrance to the venue: ID card, family book, passport of both parents or legal document that proves the parent-child relationship or responsibility for the minor.


On the other hand, the parent or legal guardian must sign a document stating that he/she/they is responsible for the minor while he/she/they is inside the venue.



Get it here.



If you are the father / mother / legal guardian, download the authorisation form here.

If you are not the father / mother / legal guardian, download the authorisation form here.


Is it possible to enter the festival with cameras?
It is not possible to enter the festival site with professional or semi-professional cameras and/or video cameras (any reflex camera or camera with interchangeable lenses).

Can I enter with animals?
Access is only allowed to those animals that fulfil an assistance function (an assistance animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a physical, sensory, mental or intellectual disability).

Is there a lost property point?
If you have lost something, please go to the security point.

Is the festival accessible for people with reduced mobility?
Of course, the site will be adapted for people with reduced mobility. To enjoy the concerts, we will have an elevated platform available for PRMs to access with an accompanying person. You should discuss the situation with our Production staff on your arrival at the venue on the day of the festival and they will tell you how to proceed.

Will there be WIFI?
We are sorry to say no.

Is there a cloakroom service?
We are sorry to say no. If you have lost something, please go to the security point.

Is there a mobile phone charging service?
We’re sorry, no.

Will there be more than just music?
In addition to live music, the Mallorca Live festival will have an Art Zone, World Food Market (a wide selection of food trucks with a varied menu of international dishes, local products, vegetarian food and food for all tastes!), Chill Out Zone and Visual Arts.

Are drinks and food allowed on the site?
Only uncapped water bottles up to 50cl and food for food intolerances.

Is there food and drink for coeliacs?
Yes, you’ll be able to check the information about the food stalls on our App very soon.

Is there food for vegetarians and vegans?
Yes, you’ll be able to check the information about the catering stalls in our App very soon.

Which artists will be playing at Mallorca Live Festival 2023?
You can check the festival line-up here.


How will I pay for my food and drink?
With your own Cashless wristband, which you can recharge via our App, website and at the recharge points at the venue.

How do I recharge my Cashless wristband?
You will be able to top up your wristband by activating it on our App and website in the near future, and also at the recharge points at the venue.

Can I pay by credit card?
You can use your credit card to top up your Cashless wristband at the venue.


How can I submit an Artist, Food Truck or Design Market proposal?
Write an email to info@mallorcalivemusic.com and submit your application.

How and until when can I apply for press accreditation?
The deadline for applications will open soon.

Do you want to work with Mallorca Live?
You can apply here.