Discover Mallorca

Get ready for a 360º experience in Majorca. Nature, sports, beaches, culture, gastronomy, charming towns, remote corners to enjoy with whom you choose. Everything on an island which has been awarded as the best in Spain and the sixth best in the world

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Beaches and coves

Where you will enjoy your first swim in the sea

No one said that in Majorca you have to choose between endless, idyllic beaches and hidden, rocky coves. Why? Well, because we have everything! Plus, this year’s festival lineup artwork comes from one of the beach options we’re showing you. Do you dare guess which one it is? We can only tell you that it’s one of the most insta-worthy beaches in Spain. 

Discover Majorca’s sun and beach treasures

Charming places

Where you will grab your first sun rays in a spectacular location.


We encourage you to use all five senses to discover unique and incomparable towns where you will enjoy Majorca’s true essence. Each one of them has singular features depending on the area in which they’re located: Sóller, Banyalbufar, Port d’Andratx, Fornalutx, Deià or Alcúdia (chosen in 2022 as the second prettiest village in Spain by British newspaper ‘The Times’).

Towns and places to take your best photograph


Where you will be amazed by the best sunset while you practise your favourite sport.

One could say that swimming and snorkelling would be the star sports at Majorca. But what if we told you that you can also enjoy surfing, kitesurf or trekking… would you believe it? Let us tell you about the activities and best places to practise your sport of choice. 

Your sea or mountain open air sport 

Local product

Where you will eat captivating local products non-stop

Majorca stands out for its wide variety of high-quality products manufactured and designed locally with international recognition. Thanks to zero kilometre products, a large part of Majorca’s cuisine is very extensive and we can find dishes of the highest quality with an even more enhanced result. Would you like to know about the island’s unique local products?

The essence of zero kilometre in Majorca


Where the local cuisine will activate all your five senses.

Majorcan cuisine is rich and varied thanks to the influence of many cultures. A diversity that is reflected in the different ways that the same product is processed depending on the Majorcan town where it’s offered (Palma, Calvià, Serra de Tramuntana, Raiguer, Pla de Mallorca, Migjorn and Llevant). Not only do its traditional recipes dazzle all those who try them, but the hands that prepare them also amaze as they create unique experiences led by great Majorcan chefs.

Mouthwatering Mediterranean flavours

Culture and nature

Where you will find out why this island tastes like music and happiness.

If there is a place where you can enjoy nature and culture at its finest, that place is Majorca, a paradise of indescribable beauty where parks and natural monuments, crystal water coasts and a unique biodiversity create an unforgettable panorama for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. Are you ready to discover those places?

Nature at its finest